Think Globally: Act Locally

To grow within the Indian market, TROESTER opens the new subsidiary TROESTER India Pvt. Ltd. based in Chennai (Tamil Nadu)– focusing on expanding the rubber business unit.

The steady growing market in India gets more and more important for TROESTER. Hence TROESTER has decided to act more locally. The new established TROESTER India Pvt. Ltd. shows active presence and provides the high-quality service TROESTERS customers appreciate.

Particularly the Rubber Business Division in India has grown rapidly over recent years. This has ensured that TROESTER’s machines are now used in over 20 plants in India. The focus will continuous be on expanding this business area in terms of providing sustainable and innovative service solutions.

A new location also requires strong management. The company is very pleased that they were able to hire Saravana Kumar as managing director for TROESTER India Pvt. Ltd. Saravana has been active in the Indian tire industry for over 18 years and is well known among industry partners and customers.