Quality and sustainability are essential for all our products and services. It is our ambition to offer exceptional quality that is designed for the long term.

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Our commitment

The “Made in Germany” label speaks for itself: a guarantee of quality that originates in Germany and identifies with the ability to always improve. In that sense, improving means becoming even more durable and long-lasting.

Our practical product solutions transform our customers into leading manufacturers of rubber and plastic products in their markets – that’s why quality features for sustainability and durability are mandatory for us.

It is a commitment that is reflected in each and every way: We stand for innovative and sustainable product solutions with the highest level of quality, linked to outstanding service and customer support.

From the initial consultation to installation and establishment we are always at our customers’ side. Detailed and extensive training of the customers’ employees, support during the launch phase and a comprehensive replacement parts service complete our continuous support.



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Made in Germany

“Made in Germany” is a symbol for reliable and sustainable investment solutions. The lasting value of this label is based on precise technological development, skilled craftsmanship, and the ability to provide customers with competent service throughout the entire product life cycle. As a visible symbol of this quality guarantee, TROESTER labels each machine according to its origin.

To ensure that “Made in Germany” remains a promise of excellent quality in the future, we fully commit to the training and development of our employees. Their network of knowledge and skills is the source of innovations “Made in Germany” that ensure the success of our company.