New subsidiary TROESTER India Pvt. Ltd. based in Chennai


To grow within the Indian market, TROESTER opens the new subsidiary “TROESTER India Pvt. Ltd.” based in Chennai (Tamil Nadu)– focusing on expanding the rubber business unit.

India is a steady growing market and is becoming more important for TROESTER. With the increasing market share in India, TROESTER has decided to establish the subsidiary “TROESTER India Pvt. Ltd.” based in Chennai (Tamil Nadu). With this new organization TROESTER shows active presence in the local market, especially to provide high quality service to their customers, to strengthen their project management activities and technical support with experienced supervisors, electricians and software experts.

TROESTER has installed more than 45 extrusion units in the Rubber Business Division over the last years, in addition to the developed base of ex-HF and is present at all Indian tire manufacturer, spread over 20 plants across the country. TROESTER has achieved excellent results this far – thanks to strong market partnerships. The focus will be on expanding this business area in terms of providing sustainable and innovative service solutions.

The company was able to hire Saravana Kumar as Managing Director TROESTER India Pvt. Ltd.. Saravana has been active in the Indian tire industry for over 18 years and is well known among industry partners and customers.
The contract was successfully signed by all parties on site in the past month. TROESTER President Dr. Peter Schmidt and General Manager Markus Wachter already shared the news of TROESTER’s expansion in the market during the “Global Tyre and Rubber Conference 2022” held at Chennai, with many of their key Indian customers. This was received with pleasure and encourages TROESTER’s way forward.

“I am humbled and energized to work together with the extraordinary talents of the industry. The potential of this industry, opportunities for TROESTER to deliver to our customers and the growing demands are exciting. Our customers seeking service solutions in a sustainable and innovative way will be the major driver and added value for our company. With TROESTER already having a strong base in India, TROESTER India shall focus on constant improvement of our deliverables with new talents onboard” says Mr. Kumar on taking on his new role with TROESTER.