X-Compound: Ground-breaking for new Customer and Application Centre

X-Compound, one of the world's leading manufacturers of continuous kneaders, has recently started work on a new
customer and application center in Kaisten, Switzerland. Increasing demands and high customer interest motivated X-Compound
to invest in order to provide its customers with the best possible conditions for testing specific applications
under near-production conditions.
The heart of the new application center is the CK100 Continuous Kneader. This plant can be used to test and simulate
demanding and complex processes. It is supplemented by a CK45 laboratory plant for carrying out feasibility analyses or
recipe developments.
"With this application center, we have created the opportunity to present our kneader technology in detail and in practice.
It is the basis for inspiring our customers," says Raul Friedrich, General Manager of X-Compound GmbH. Stefan Nägele,
Head of Process Engineering and Development, adds, "The center is an opportunity for X-Compound to make the
technology tangible for our customers in practical training courses."
Last but not least X-Compound is going to use the Application Centre also for the continuous improvement of the
technology. Further developments in machine and control technology will be tested and made ready for production. XCompound
plans to complete the work in mid-2021.
About X-Compound: X-Compound GmbH in Kaisten/Schweiz produces Continuous Kneaders. The company was
founded 1997 and evolved into a worldwide leading manufacturer of Continuous Kneaders. The company was acquired
in 2011 by the Troester Group located in Hannover. X-Compound offers a broad range of machines and entire
Compounding plants. The core of all plants is the Continuous Kneader. With only a minimum energy input, the machine
can achieve superior mixing performances. The unique mixing principle makes it possible to control exactly the material
temperature. This makes this technology ideal especially for temperature sensitive materials.

X-Compound GmbH
Karsten Kretschmer
Head of Technical Sales
Tel: +41 62 869 1014
Email: k.kretschmer(at)x-compound.ch
Further information: www.x-compound.com

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