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Rubber Machines and Lines

Sales Tire Components
Mr. Stefan Böttcher
Phone: +49-511-8704-183
Email: stefan.boettcher(at)troester.de

Sales Technical Rubber Goods
Mr. Marco Schönekäß
Phone: +49-511-8704-212
Email: marco.schoenekaess(at)troester.de

Spare parts
Mrs. Claudia Wosnitza
Phone: +49-511-8704-246
Email: claudia.wosnitza(at)troester.de

Customer Support
Mr. Roman Sarch
Phone: +49-511-8704-518
Email: roman.sarch(at)troester.de


Cable Machines and Lines

Mr. Dirk Schmidt
Phone: +49-511-8704-105
Email: dirk.schmidt(at)troester.de

Spare parts
Mr. Gunther Reimann
Phone: +49-511-8704-159
Email: gunther.reimann(at)troester.de

Customer Support
Mr. Roland Sydow
Phone: +49-511-8704-343
Email: roland.sydow(at)troester.de

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