TROESTER Cross Head with hydraulical Tool Centering

The demands on the manufacture of hoses, particularly in the automotive field, are steadily increasing. Besides the material selection and the manufacturing process, a uniform wall thickness distribution over the whole hose circumference represents an essential quality criterion.

Based on the comprehensive know-how from the manufacture of high-quality extrusion heads for the cable industry and many years of experience in the manufacture of hose lines, TROESTER presents a new system for the automatic wall thickness centering for the hose production. The main item of the new system is a cross head optimized for the hose production. The head is provided with a conventional manual die piece adjustment by screws in the front area and additionally allows for a very sensitive swivelling of the inner tolls (mandrel tip, extrusion mandrel) by means of a hydraulic drive. Contrary to well-known solutions where considerable force has to be applied hydraulically onto the outer tooling (die piece), the new design offers the possibility to position the mandrel tip in a radial direction relatively smoothly and with highest precision. As the hydraulic drive is postioned on the rear side of the head being averted from the compound output, a safe mechanical functioning of the adjusting unit is ensured even in the rough daily production routine.

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