Extrusion line equipment

The design and the configuration of the downstream equipment is determined by the types of profiles to be produced. TROESTER Harburg support its customers in the compilation of the plant layout and the selection of the required components from a wide range of conveyor systems, measuring equipment, cooling sections, winders, etc. The optimum degree of automation is also defined together with the customer.

Shrinkage conveyor

The shrinkage conveyor with its adaptable roll diameters and variable roll speeds effectively compensates the shrinkage behavior of the extruded profiles. The entire shrinkage conveyor can be easily moved sideways thus simplifying maintenance work on the extrusion head.

Cooling line

The water spray cooling system newly developed by TROESTER Harburg is designed as a modular construction kit. As such, the cooling sections can be easily adapted to the individual process engineering and ancillary conditions. The various function modules are pre-assembled at the factory and only need to be put together at the place of installation.
The modular interfacing connection surfaces come complete with seals which are fitted at the factory and therefore do not require welding work on-site. This simplifies assembly, reduces assembly time and increases quality. The large sliding doors on both sides of the cooling section facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the system.
The universal use of corrosion-resistant steel and aluminum as well as the consistent sealing of all joints guarantee a long service life, high functional reliability and permanent protection against leaks.

Measuring and marking

TROESTER Harburg offers a full range of measuring instruments and marking units required for extrusion lines. These include the following:

  • Metal detectors on the feeders of the extruder,
  • Continuously measuring meter scales and unit weighing scales for cut profile strips,
  • Measuring units for continuous recording of the width of the profile,
  • Measuring systems for detecting the length of cut profile strips,
  • Profile scanners to monitor the cross-sectional geometry of the profile.

Cutting machines

The extruded profile must be cut into individual strips of predetermined length to ensure individual processing. TROESTER Harburg's cutting machine accomplishes this task with high precision and fast cutting sequences.
The dynamic start/stop operation of the cutting machine's feeder belt provides a temporary interruption of the feeding process to ensure a precise cut of the profile. The cutting angle of the rotating cutting blade is adjustable. The pneumatic clamping device holds the profile in place during the cutting process and the water spray device lubricates and cools the cutting surfaces. All components that come into contact with the cooling water are manufactured of rust-resistant materials. The interface to the cutting machine is equipped with a protective housing and two secured access doors.

Individual processing of profile strips and continuous winding operation

TROESTER Harburg provides the appropriate equipment for the handling of both types of finished profiles.

TROESTER Harburg offers both coil and cassette winders for the winding operation. The coils of the cassette winders are available either with friction or as coupled shaft drives. There are a variety of coil and cassette feeder options, ranging from simple manual feeding to fully automatic cassette feeding.

TROESTER Harburg also offers various process automation solutions for the processing of profile pieces. These range from simple roller conveyors for manual acceptance to automatic loading booking trolleys.

TROESTER Engagement

TROESTER unterstützt

HF-Extrusionstechnologie bei TROESTER


Seit dem 01.05.2019 ging der Geschäftsbereich Extrusionstechnologie der HF Group in die TROESTER GmbH & Co. KG über.

TROESTER führt den Standort in Hamburg fort, übernimmt die Mitarbeiter und sichert Ihnen Kontinuität und den gewohnten Service zu.
Alle Ihnen bekannten Ansprechpartner in Hamburg bleiben für Sie unter den bisherigen Kontaktdaten erreichbar.

Das Produktportfolio der TROESTER GmbH & Co. KG wird ab diesem Zeitpunkt sowohl die bekannten TROESTER Produkte als auch die Produkte der HF Group, Geschäftsbereich Extrusion, beinhalten – beide Technologien haben ihre Marktberechtigung und bieten jeweils technische Besonderheiten, die für Sie als Kunde im bekannt hohen Standard verfügbar sind und auch weiterentwickelt werden.

Die Übernahme der HF Extrusion ist für TROESTER ein weiterer wichtiger Schritt zur Fortentwicklung des Unternehmens und Etablierung als einer der weltweit führenden Systemlieferanten für Kautschukextrusions-maschinen und –Anlagen.