Single cold feed extruders

Based on decades of experience and the close cooperation with our customers we have developed a variety of single extruders for every need. From simplex extrusion of profiles to the feeding of mills and calanders, we help you pick the best combination from our portfolio.

The extruder is driven by a variable speed AC motor either with forced air-cooling or with water cooling. The helical gear unit is equipped with an oil-cooling system with a flanged pump and a heat exchanger. The gear set and the thrust bearing are splash lubricated. The drive gears for the feed roll are lubricated by an oil circulation system with pump and flow controller. The bearings of the feed roll are life-time lubricated with grease.

The extrusion barrel consists of three parts. The barrel inlet has an exchangeable liner with a spiral undercut and a nitride hardened bore. The pin barrel and the extension barrel have an inner surface with hard facing alloy:

The screw is available with stellited screw flight tips or in a nitrided version. The screw is removable from the extruder barrel without having to dismantle or move the extrusion set.

Pork Chop extruder principle

Pork Chop technology is widely used when high output and excellent homogeneity are needed. The extruder serves to extrude and plastify the material for subsequent processing.

Cold rubber compounds are fed to the extruder by a slab feeder. The extruder heats and homogenizes the material and conveys the material into the Pork Chop head by means of a screw. The knives inserted into the Pork Chop head shear off material lumps, which are then further homogenized on a mill and fed into a hot feed extruder or calander.


Our cold feed pin type extruders and our hot feed extruders are designed to cover the different profiles, component specifications and compound properties needed for the production of tire components.

Our screws range from high output models to homogenization optimized designs and even low temperature processing types for delicate compounds.

  • Cold feed pin type extruders in the range of KGS 90 to KGS 250 mm
  • Hot feed extruders in the sizes of HF 200 and HF 250 mm
  • Micro extruders (pin less) KG 60 mm for chimney


Whatever you require or have in mind – we have the right, reliable & efficient solution.

KGS extruder screw diameter *** Ratio (L/D) Pins ** Output * kg/h Max. speed rpm Drive rating (approx.) kW
90 16 7 x 8 550 60 60
120 16 8 x 8 1000 55 110
150 16 9 x 8 2000 45 240
200 16 9 x 12 3400 35 320
250 16 10 x 12 5000 24 480

* depending on rubber compound, profile cross section and required output temperature
** pin rows x pins on the circumference
*** other length/diameter (L/D) ratios on request

Driven feed roll

Our driven feed roll bearings offer life-time lubrication. The gears are lubricated by an oil circulation system, complete with pump and flow controller. Retainer rings are exchangeable, which is made simple by the easy disassembly of the feed roll system.

TROESTER Engagement

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HF Extrusion Technology at TROESTER

Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH will transfer its Extrusion Technology division to TROESTER GmbH & Co. KG on May 1st, 2019.

TROESTER GmbH & Co. KG’s Hamburg Division will maintain its present location in Hamburg and has taken over all HF Group Extrusion Technology's employees in order to ensure continuity and to uphold the high level of services for our customers. All contact persons in Hamburg will remain available to you under their existing contact information.

Following the transfer, TROESTER’s product portfolio will include not only the well-known TROESTER range of products but also equipment designed by the HF Group, Extrusion Technology Business Unit - both technologies are well established and acclaimed in the market and offer a range of special technical features, that are available to you as our customer in the usual high standard and are continuously being developed further.

The acquisition of HF Extrusion Technology is yet another important opportunity for TROESTER to further develop the company and themselves as one of the world's leading system suppliers for rubber extrusion machinery and equipment.